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Brampton proved to be a pretty good anchorage, however, we woke in the middle of the night to to some strange echoing noises  – turns out we were hearing whales communicating! With so many noises throughout the night from the clanging of ropes against the mast, to the wind and the waves slapping against the boat, the new sounds were so strange and eerie! We had whales pass by the boat at sunset, so they must have decided to hang around and have some fun while we slept.

The morning was overcast and the wind was up, so we used the time to catch up on our emails and for Mark to get a bit of work done. We made our plans for our next anchorage and left Brampton about lunch time sailing to Goldsmith island.

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Hauling anchor at Brampton
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Sailing to Goldsmith island

We had the current and wind with us so it was a short 2 hour trip. We passed through a channel between Goldsmith and Linne Island and headed to to Roylen Bay to anchor.

The kids loved exploring this beach and they found a dry creek bed which they quickly adopted as their cubby. Benji found turtle egg shells and insisted taking them home to do show and tell. Hopefully they make it home intact!

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kids playground


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Goldsmith island

In the afternoon, we were caught on the beach as the tide went out. The difference in the tides here are up to 6 metres, so when the tide goes out, it really goes out! Cookie and Shirl (our friends from Flat Out) were also left high and dry further up the beach, so we gave them a lift out to their boat in our tender. We had to do two trips, and with the tide still going out, we had to dodge the bommies, which meant zig zagging around them!

We caught up with Cookie and Shirl for sundown drinks on their cat – “Flat Out”, and then gave them a lift back in to retrieve their tender once the tide came in.

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Sunset at Goldsmith island

Today, Jett and Cleo will sail with Cookie and Shirl to Shaw Island – where we will meet them and stop for our next anchorage.

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Goodbye Goldsmith island!

We had a bumpy ride across to Shaw island, sailing with a 20 knot south easterly. Our first spot for anchor turned out to be too exposed, so we headed back to the anchorage just around from Burning Point. This spot is a prominent nesting area for many species of birds.

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Leaving Goldsmith headed for Shaw island.

We explored the beach at Shaw island at low tide finding heaps of shells, and bits of coral. After we walked the beach, headed up through the mangroves, and climbed on the rocks, the kids were ready to chill back on the boat (and it was definitely wine time!).

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In the morning, we sail for Abell Point Marina, Airlie Beach for a bit of maintenance, provisioning and to plan our next destination.