Hundreds of nautical miles and 25 days later, we have finally made it to Airlie Beach. The map shows the last week of our travels…

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Well, we actually counted our anchorage at Brampton as the ‘Whitsundays’, but arriving in Airlie to the masses of boats at anchor in the bay, the very welcoming Abell Point Marina, complete with concierge tie up service upon arrival, made us feel like we had finally made it. We were down to our last rations, so due to wash, shop and re-stock for the next leg.

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Airlie Beach


A couple of things I’ve realised that occur being on a boat…

  1. It feels like happy hour all the time! Everyone knows Happy Hour should kick off around 4pm, however, when you’re floating on a yacht off a beautiful Whitsunday island, by the time 11.30 comes around, it feels like it’s time. We are working on delaying this!
  2. Cheese platters can morph into a meal – yes – just throw in some pickled onions, some gherkins, a bit of quince paste and with the gluten free crackers, you have yourself a meal…. When watching the sun set, at a lovely anchorage, one feels the need to eat cheese, and I am working on setting some boundaries with this.
  3. Comfort food is comforting. I’m taking baked potatoes with lots of butter and salt. After a full day of wind, salt spray, swimming, and exploring – all you want at the end is a hot shower and some hot, yummy, comfort food. I usually NEVER eat potatoes – as Mark says, “They are the nectar of the devil”…  However, I have taken to baking spuds whole in the oven and lashing them with salt and butter. Yikes!



Mark will fly home tomorrow to check in with the business and check on the house. We have planned to head to Hook and Hayman island for the next week, so we hope the weather continues to be amazing.