We checked in to Abell Point Marina, which would be our home for the next 3 days. We were berthed in amongst the charter boats/yachts, so there was never a dull moment. Staff worked constantly – cleaning, briefing and checking in passengers to go and experience the islands for the day. I laughed as I overheard the guide giving a demonstration of correct form for how to vomit over the side. Many of the guests were foreigners, so they just stared at each other and shrugged!

With out sounding like a travel agent… Abell Point Marina is pretty well managed! For around $85 a night, you’re getting a concierge docking service, access to a courtesy car, plus heaps of other services.

Abell Point marina have just launched their “Ocean Club” – which is a posh floating amenities block where you have access to luxury bathrooms, cafe style seating, coffee and great views of the marina. We had free access to checked out how the other half live! Plenty of great restaurants and cafes around the marina and in town, which was a 1km walk from the marina.

FullSizeRender 143
Ocean Club at Abell Point Marina

Unfortunately the lagoon had been damaged by Cyclone Debbie, so it was being reconstructed. The kids managed to find a few good playgrounds to burn off some energy.

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View of the bay at Airlie

Jett has been able to have physio along the way for his recovery after an ACL reconstruction. We saw a great physio in Canonvale, and Jett is progressing well and onto hopping and balance exercises. He is still not able to run just yet.

We will be back in Airlie again over the next month however, marina berths will be scarce during Airlie Beach Race Week, which kicks off in August.  We can always anchor in the bay during this time.

During our stop, Mark travelled home to the Sunshine Coast for work and was back Friday for us to take off Saturday – headed for Hook island!