As we left Stonehaven, we decided to definitely come back as it was a great anchorage. We headed off to Blue Pearl Bay on the western side of Hayman island. Known for the great snorkelling, Blue Pearl is a stunning location.

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Blue Pearl Bay – Hayman Island
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A very inquisitive fish hanging by the boat

We secured a mooring here and spent the morning snorkelling before heading off to Butterfly Bay, along the northern side of Hook Island.

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Beautiful Butterfly Bay

Butterfly Bay is named as such due to the two bays being shaped like butterfly wings – one larger wing forms the main part of the bay and the smaller bay or “Little Butterfly Bay” forms the second wing. It’s also named due to the masses of butterflies that can be found amongst the trees.

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Exploring at Butterfly Bay

We found another dry creek bed that led back to a freshwater pool which was home to thousands of butterflies. Butterfly Bay is also piled high with dried coral – we definitely needed the reef shoes here!

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Great spot for swimming

After a warm sunny arvo enjoying the beach, we slept well, knowing we were secure on a mooring. Throughout the night we were hit with “bullets” – strong gusts of winds that rebound off the surrounding hills. It can be dead calm and then the next second, the wind howls through. You can’t leave clothes or towels hung out or they will be blown away.

We headed off early the next morning to Bait Reef for a day of snorkelling. We arrived at the reef just in time for 2 whales to swim into the channel between the coral.

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Blues for miles
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Another friendly fish circling the boat at Bait Reef

After mooring, we had a snorkel, and found amazing coral beds with a steep drop off. The coral has clearly been damaged by the cyclone, but you can see the small bursts of colour coming back. Plenty of amazing fish to be seen. We decided to head back around 2.30pm as the wind had come up to around 20 knots. We sailed back to Stonehaven for the night.

Back at Stonehaven, the kids insisted on visiting the waterfall again and so we all headed over. On our climb up to the waterfall we saw a snake – just a small black one, which just slid away. We thought it was time we got going after that!

Jett decided to paddle the stand up back to the boat and Cleo insisted she learn to drive the tender. Once back, Mark decided to go for a swim from the ladder. Just as he did, a 1.5m shark swam up next to him! It looked like a bull shark, but couldn’t be sure. Jett was still sitting on the paddle board, but wasn’t too worried. So, in one morning we came across a snake and a shark… Time to move on!

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She’s a crazy driver!
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Jett on the stand up