With our food, water, fuel and maintenance done, we headed out of Abell Point Marina at around 11am. We sailed straight across to the Fitzalan Passage (in between Hamilton island and Whitsunday Island). We then cruised through Solway Passage going against the tide. We were motoring along but only doing 2 knots. Once we rounded the headland,  we got past the current.

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Whitehaven Beach was looking amazing, even in the later afternoon. We got the tender out and headed ashore for the kids to burn a bit of energy off. The wind had dropped right back, so our night was still and calm. After a quiet morning, the tourists then started to descend! They came by boat and sea plane!

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Sea planes landing at Whitehaven

We had planned to do the walk to Chance Bay in the morning and then come back for a swim. Near the start of the walk, with limited phone reception, Mark got a message from work and had to get some phone reception. He left us to do the walk and he went back to the boat to motor around the headland to get some phone reception. The walk to Chance Bay was about 3km each way. The kids have been getting better at the walking and building up better resilience for this (Benji especially). The walk took us around 45 min and we saw some cool wildlife along the way. I spotted a small green snake across the path, and Benji loved the huge goannas that roamed around. Benji also found a gigantic cockroach type bug and didn’t hesitate in picking it up for the rest of the walk!

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FullSizeRender 213
Benji’s new pet!

Chance Bay was a beautiful and much more quiet spot, and we enjoyed swimming and exploring.  Cleo found the biggest shell ever!

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Chance Bay
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Crystal clear water 

We kept an eye out and eventually saw Mark motor past on Aqua Vita, so we managed to get a message out for him to pick us up from Chance Bay. After he anchored and picked us up, we had some more time swimming off the boat and snorkelling before heading back around to Whitehaven. The crowds had begun to leave and we spent the beautiful afternoon on the beach. We had a SUP time trial (Mark’s idea), where each person was timed on a lap from the beach around the boat and back. Cleo and Jett have been getting better at paddling the stand up .

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Whitehaven Beach

Mark and I go for a stand up paddle every morning, which is much needed exercise for us. I miss my boot camp!

The morning at Whitehaven was spectacular – one of the best days we have had in the Whitsundays. There was no wind, just brilliant sunshine and we managed to get to the beach before the passenger boats arrived with the tourists.

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With the wind set to build, we decided to duck into Hamilton island. We took the shuttle bus to the resort for the kids to swim and then walked to dinner at the Marina Tavern. We are now settling in with a red wine to watch Game of Thrones!

Tomorrow we will head over to Cid Harbour, which will be a good anchorage in the stronger winds we are expecting. Plus the marina costs the bomb!! $120 a night!!! But, they did have someone come out and personally escort us to our berth. They also have a great IGA at the marina that just opened up last week!